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2017 Launch of 1st Release In Premium Bottles

  • Hand-harvested in November 2017
  • 2017 Estate Arbequina and Reserve Blend
  • 2017 “olio nuovo” hand-labeled signed--Sold Out

2016/2015 seasonal savings

  • Freshly bottled for immediate release
  • Sustainably produced
  • Certified extra virgin olive oil

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From the Paso Robles Wine Country


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2017 Olio Nuevo
in premium bottles

Hand-labeled and hand-signed 2017 “olio nuovo" sold out


Olio Nuevo is an award winning, artisan crafted extra virgin olive oil. Grown on our small farm in the Paso Robles wine country, our products are produced with a passion for excellence and emphasis on sustainability.


Olio Nuevo is produced from the fruit of arbequina, mission, and manzinillo trees, all of which are Spanish varietals. Picked relatively green to capture a fresh, grassy taste and peppery finish, Spanish varietals are generally considered more delicate, less bitter, and less intense than olive oils produced from other varietals. Olio Nuevo has won numerous gold, silver, and bronze medals in international competition.


The clean, freshness of Olio Nuevo is the result of ideal growing conditions. Our hot, dry summer days and cool, nighttime temperatures often result in daily temperature swings of 50 degrees or more. We preciously use our high quality water and apply only organic pesticides to our trees. Our fruit is 100% hand-picked and custom-milled within hours to minimize oxidation. Olio Nuevo is certified “extra virgin” by the California Olive Oil Council.


The Ranch at Cripple Creek

The Ranch at Cripple Creek

Art Kishiyama

Art Kishiyama